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  1. Hi, i'm creating my private webpage with my own styling by css in some forms i need. For the design i used several examples of the HowTo-section of w3schools. On the custom select item i need a scroll element, because the select element has many options hat i should be able to sroll through. How can i add this function? Thanks for your help Harald style.css orange.css Spieler.php helpfile.js
  2. Funce, thanks a lot for your little help, width into the conainer section and now it works like i want it. You did write about interesting things in my HTML, What exactly do you mean?
  3. I'm sorry that i didn't post anything. Here's the full site now, i hope that is not too much… The "form.css" file i wrote on my own, the files"orange.css" and "style.css" are given by the css framework i used to build my site. form.css orange.css style.css Spieler.php
  4. Hi, its good to know that the code is ok, but how can i take adjust the distance between the elements? If you need more code, please let me know, i will post it as fast possible.
  5. Hi, i used the CSS listing from the Howto for custom Radio buttons. then i placed 4 radio button with text in a row. Unfortunately the browser puts a space of about 50 pixels between the elements. My screen part has only a width of 200 pixels (given by a CSS framework), so the browser uses 2 lines and destroys my layout. How can i adjust the distance between the elements? Thanks for your help Harald Daebritz
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