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  1. I am quite new to java, and try as I might, I can't find any examples to help me. I am running ffmpeg as a process and parsing the stderr to get various bits of data - all of which is working fine, but I want to send a "q\n" command to ffmpeg's input from a gui menu item to gracefully quit it whilst it is running when necessary. So all I want to do is send a string programmatically to ffmpeg, the equivalent of sending q return from terminal. A simplified segment of the source code is attached Thanks in advance ffmpeg.txt
  2. I am pretty new to javascript and node.js. I am wanting to display some text using document.getElementById('txt').innerHTML= "some text" followed by a node module : var spawn = require('child_process').spawnSync; child = spawn('ffmpeg',['-y -i ',some_file , result_file ], { shell: true }); (which takes some time) and then document.getElementById('txt').innerHTML= "some other text"; However it only disp[ays the second lot of text after the external program has finished. I had assumed that as I am using the synchronous version of spawn that the first line would get displayed first, how can I do this? Thanks
  3. Thanks, I will have to move on to plan B
  4. I need to get the raw window handle for a html / javascript window (hwnd in windows 10), using javascript / node.js / nwjs but can't find a way. does anybody have any ideas? I want to embed mpv or mplayer in a window using the -wid option which requires the window handle as an integer. Or does anyone have any ideas how to do this as an alternative? Thanks
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