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  1. It worked! That's amazing and so simple! THANK YOU! Is there a way to now incorporate this mechanism into a close all/open all link/button?
  2. I gotta be honest -- I have absolutely no idea!
  3. I feel like I'm not looking in the right place or am not interpreting it or extrapolating what to do correctly because all I see changing is <button class="accordion"> to <button class="accordion active"> and a line of style for the panel, and I'm not quite sure what to do. I've attached a couple screencaps of what changes on the open/close click. (I used chrome inspector). Before click (accordion closed): After click (accordion open):
  4. I'm basically a coding amateur and need help! I used this page to find an accordion that works well for what I need (I'm looking for an accordion that can have all open at once) and am basically using this permutation, edited only for content & style. Is there a way to start with them all open instead of all closed? The simpler the better for this frustrated amateur! Thanks!
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