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  1. by the way my plan is to be a full stalk dude. the thing is html gave me the whole idea of front end. and to tell the truth its not that interesting. so i want to skip css and go to js. but the thing is i dont want to miss things by doing so. am new to web related programming, looking forward for your comments . thanks before hand. dd
  2. I finished studying html, and i started CSS but its same as html. should i skip css and just go to JS? i have a background in c (arduino and raspberry pi ), am not interested in the whole front-end code (its like making a power-point presentation more than coding). when am going through css its like a am going through html yet again. i could finish it in a week probably (since i finished studying html and since it seems like css is the style sheet of html). am just feeling like am wasting my time. I have this bad habit, if i start reading something, i don't feel completed if i don't go from cover to cover. PS: even if i got a comment to skip CSS, i would probably do the contrary and finish it (i just don't feel its that important for a person who is interested in the back-end programming ). i have got this bad habit of following numbers and steps even if its so repetitive.
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