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  1. You've no idea how happy this made me. Truly. Thank you Funce for an elegant adaptable fix to this!!I confirm it is all now working.. except for realy 6 which is being a schmuck and is probably a bad relay, loose wire or blown gpio pin.. all of which are correctable by other means.
  2. Check that, Using Funce's solution and if(){}else if(){} I added an action for each file I needed it to serve up and it resolved the errors I'd been seeing and now I shall continue my adventure into making a raspberry pi with a relay control board make my Handicapped Van Wheelchair lift phone controllable.. then I can rule the world from my wheeelchair!!!!!! (Or just make my own custom wheelchair controller... one step at a time....The key issue was my pi will be a secured WAP which I can connect my phone to and use my browser to control the functions of the gpio to activate the relays thus o
  3. What Funce said.. and thank you Funce.. that may be the solution to my issue as well. I discovered quite quickly that the webserver.js provided in that tutorial ignores the actual url and simply sends the single specified index.html in the code no matter what you request.. Unfortunately having worked around the issue it caused me, I'm left with a different issue for my solution.. for which I am about to start a thread...Also even Funce's solution looks to provide a limited fix wherein you'd have to manually list any and every file you want it to be able to send as a different action, b
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