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  1. There is a link from main menu from w3shools.com to this forum. So the connection does exists.
  2. A Javascript from w3schools stopped working after a few months. Lucky for me I have not used it in the production yet. I see this code changed on w3schools. The code contributor has gone from MIT licence to commercial. The script on w3schools is outdated and now cached on Cloudflare. There is a link in the script to the contributor. So if someone want to update script, he needs to pay. I do not post specifics about what script it is because I suspect it is a typical situation on w3schools. My question is, can I do anything about it or do not trust w3schools anymore?
  3. Hi. I use some code from w3schools for my business website https://manlyelectronics.com.au/. I am looking forward to improving both.
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