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  1. Hello! Can anyone recommend a simple user profile that comes with edit profile and avatar upload that uses php? I want to add one to my website? Thank ya for the help!! 💗💗, Mekaboo
  2. Thank ya kindly for responding❤️Im actually building a site using Codeigniter (PHP) which I enjoy doing, I wanted to add the profile card because I like the simpleness that it had. I couldn't find examples of how to offer an edit page for it and that is why I was seeking advice. Im taking my time and slowly learning no question about it 😊
  3. Hello! Im interested in adding the Bootstrap profile card to my site but was curious on how to create an edit page for this. I want to include avatar upload and input tags that would be used in an advanced search engine I will add to the site. Here is the link to what I what I want to use: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_profile_card.asp Thank you for your help, Mekaboo
  4. Hello all! Im Timeka a 38 y.o. self taught coder from Washington, DC USA. In the 4 years of teaching myself Ive created sites for me and a few clients. Right now putting together a PHP member based site for someone
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