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  1. Does anyone produce a camcorder with a "PAUSE" feature/button? Instead of using the START & STOP buttons which create multiple individual files, a PAUSE feature would allow the operator to film an entire event as one file instead of hundreds. With what we are doing and how we operate, we do not have time to use editing software post-filming to combine the files ourselves. We need to be able to take the memory card as is, copy it to a USB device via our MacBook and then duplicate that USB device as many times as we may need to do so.
  2. We film a sporting event throughout a 14 hour day. The day is broken up by the hour so that each team plays for one hour at a time. We want to be able to use a camcorder/camera that films directly to a USB. Then on every hour, we want to remove the USB (and replace it with a new one for the next hour of play) and send it downstairs to be duplicated in a USB duplicator to then be given out to the kids’ families after their games have ended. Is there a camcorder that can do this? And if not, what other options do we have? Could we replace the USB with a Memory Card to achieve what we w
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