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  1. WOW, thats Fantastic!!!!! Thanx heaps Funce, you rock!
  2. Thanx for the reply. This is what I have tried using data attribute method. <option value="<?php echo $event['eventname']?>" data-eventdate="<?php echo $event['eventdate']?>" data-venuename="<?php echo $event['venuename']?>"><?php echo $event['eventname'] ?></option> and the JS <script> function eventFunction(eventname){ var selected = document.querySelector('#eventname');//get the selection element var date = selected.dataset.eventdate;//get the data attributes var venue = selected.dataset.venuename; document.getElementById("eventdate").value=date;//set the data document.getElementById("venuename").value=venue; } </script> although it comes back undefined on the eventdate and venuename field.
  3. I have 3 fields that are the same name as corresponding column in MySQL database. First field is a dynamic dropdown list called "eventname". Second field called "eventdate" is an input field that gets populated via choice made from "eventname" dropdown list / First field. Third field called "venuename" is an input field that gets populated via choice made from "eventname" dropdown list / First field. What this dynamic dropdown list does is select the eventname from database then there is an onchange function that pulls out corresponding data from same line for the eventdate and venuename and sets them in the corresponding input field. All works as they should and data gets entered to the MySQL database. Only one issue: "eventname" choice from dropdown list should be submitted as "eventname" the displayed choice, what happens is my code enters data in MySQL as "eventdate | venuename" and my desired result should only be "eventname" The PHP <select id="eventname" onchange="eventFunction(eventname)"> <option selected="selected"></option> <?php foreach ($event as $event) { ?> <option value="<?php echo $event['eventdate'] .'|'. $event['venuename']?>"><?php echo $event['eventname'] ?></option> <?php } ?> </select> Date: <input id="eventdate"> Venue: <input id="venuename"> and the JavaScript <script> function eventFunction(eventname){ var eventDetails = eventname.options[eventname.selectedIndex].value.split("|"); document.getElementById("eventdate").value=eventDetails[0]; document.getElementById("venuename").value=eventDetails[1]; } </script> NOTE: If I touch the value attribute ie value="<?php echo $event['eventdate'] .'|'. $event['venuename']?>" the javascript wont work. I am a begginer with coding using JavaScript, can someone help me solve this please with examples. Thanx.
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