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  1. Hi justsomeguy thanks for your help. mysource looks like this: <main> <span> <div class="rosenfeldt-box"> <under-overskrift> <a href="2017Rosenfeldt.html">Rosenfeldt 2017</a> </under-overskrift> </div> </span> <span> <div class="kulturnat-box"> <under-overskrift> <a href="2018Kulturnat.html">Kulturnat Vordingborg 2018</a> </under-overskrift> </div> </span> </main> and I am not able to understand your writings about the missing styles 🐵 Anders
  2. Hi everyone, can anyone tell me whats wrong in the upper item on http://masterclassofindigo.art/udstillinger/udstillinger.html I would like it to display the text (link) in white like the lower item, and I am not able to figure out what is wrong. Kind regards Anders
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