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  1. Greetings- I've been learning a lot about image formats, but the content is a bit dated, and was wondering what is the current popular format for web please. A quick check on caniuse.com on webp seems to show it as a good choice. Therefore, if I was to work on a site today I would go with this and SVG for my icons and drawings. I am extremely new though, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am wondering besides browser support, what other considerations I should make. I think image processing software, and tools and frameworks for building the site, automating the process, and hosting the content would be some of them. I did see an article on this from 2019, but I need more insight please. Thanks
  2. Hi I am just learning about web technologies using a great book that is somewhat dated, and I want to know if I should still be concerned about IE8 and what it supports. I have looked at the browser stats, and the numbers are really small. But I know that even a small percentage number of all the browsers in use today might be significant. So I wanted to ask folks who are actively producing sites today, which browsers and or versions do you cater to? Is there a link that I can read more about this? I mean a good article that discuses which browsers one would have to support and why? I realize while IE8 might be out of the picture, the concern of what the browser supports is still out there. I also read a little bit about the idea of shadow DOM, and it might be replacing the use of Polyfills. Not sure if you agree. I am just looking for an up to date strategy of ensuring all the browsers that might load my page, will see the content I want. Another way of looking at this might be to just stay on safe side, and code for all the possible browsers. Is that practical though?
  3. I like to thank you for a amazing site. I love the content, examples, exercises, and opportunity to get certified in each language / technology. That said, I really like to know more about cookies, how they differ from trackers and other information collection methods so I can try to be more selective about what information I share with with various sites I visit. I did see the Cookies section under Java Script, and I wonder if it is possible for someone to provide a bit more detail in this area. Ideally I like to be able to view and control what information I share with sites. I have reviewed the browser cache and clean it often, but I do not know what each cookie stores. Is there a software that provides a view for this?
  4. Greetings You are asking a strategy question, and it is good that you are interested in it. I do like the suggestions made also. Reading from a variety of sources helps. The most important activity in learning programming, it actually coding. I have revised my previous post, after reading the comment about links. Sorry I did not know about it. Regards- Samuel
  5. Thank you so much. This was exactly what I was missing. I had to refresh my memory on binary representation, but I am good now. Just in case someone else may want to know the details this link was very helpful for me.
  6. There is an example under JavaScript bitwise title which says here is how to convert a decimal to binary: document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = dec2bin(-5); function dec2bin(dec){ return (dec >>> 0).toString(2); } I do not quite follow what is happening inside the function, and when does -5 convert to binary. What happens to -5 as a decimal once it is passed to the function? I mean, I can just try to remember it, but given the context of the topic and the operators discussed earlier in this section, I do not see what is happening. I also found a thread on SO about it here. But it did not help, it just says how to do it. If the example is just meant to show how to convert binary to decimal, that is fine. I just want to make sure I am not missing anything.
  7. Ok. It may have to do with the security settings of my browser. I think I disabled JavaScript before, and just checked it again and it was enabled. I also clear my browser cookies and whatnot often. I appreciate your response.
  8. Thank you for the response. Here is one.
  9. Greetings Thank you so much for creating this great content. I have learned so much by reading the html and CSS tutorials. I am towards the end of the CSS tutorials section, and have read all the html tutorials content. I used to be able to cut and past the tryit source into a text file and try it locally, but I can no longer do that. How can I fix this please? I believe the last time I did this successfully I was viewing html tutorials, but I am now at the end of the CSS section and can not do it. Sam
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