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  1. 15 hours ago, justsomeguy said:

    Have you gone through the Javascript tutorials?  You'll need to use a lot of Javascript to build a game.  Also probably a canvas.

    i read it but i did not find the first step like drawing the board,and moving the pieces with a dice 

  2. your site is the best school coding site,you can put me in primary grade ,MY dream is to create a board of tawla named 31 ( arabian style) i want you to put me on the road ,like a homework .

    i mean show me the lessons,codes  that i need to try, help me in proplemes ,i want it as an online game between 2 players ,or against the game ( single player).

    please give me a light on road . i want to create a site with this game .All arab love it but there is not a site give it except one,but unfortunately had closed and we do not know reasons 

    thank you for reading

    my superhero in coding

    best regards


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