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  1. After using W3Schools for years, I will now be boycotting your website due to "fake news" advertisements your website is carrying that promote fascism. I am the director of technology at my company and I will be switching any online training for my subordinates to Code Academy, and any lookups for HTML, CSS, or JS standards to Stack Overflow. Your website will be blacklisted at the network level at my company. In addition, I will be pointing out how you are running ads promoting Trump's fascism (with false propaganda lies I might add) to my 600 thousand Twitter followers and the thousands of Reddit users I interact with daily. I don't much care about World Wide Web Standards if I have to program the web under a falsely installed fascist regime YOU helped promote. Nothing W3Schools could do at this point will change the above outcomes... but maybe you can start better filtering your ads, or even better start rejecting ads from fascist dictators for you future users. Thank you for your time and consideration, and have a nice day.
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