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    Can any one help in creating an xml output for the below scenario ASAP Test 1: On matching a step, return the existing id or generate a new one if one does not exist; the ID may be written as an attribute or processing instruction. The attribute ID takes higher priority. Test 2: On matching an unordered list (ul) or ordered list (ol) that has a parent step element, return the list as a text string: i.e. [technician] => 'technician' [male, female] => 'male & female' [orange, apple, mango] => 'orange, apple & mango'. Test 3: Return the value of the class attribute, where: The element is an unordered list. It has a parent step element which is not the first step element within steps. All of its child list-item (li) values (numbers) are less than 9.
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