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    There are a lot of websites actually which teaches SEO free of cost, as like there is one digiskills.com.pk I have my self learned SEO from this website as I needed to work on my online store called w11stop. The best part is that they provide SEO Certificate as well. I hope it help you out. Thanks
  2. I have managed to turn my Raspberry Pi into an access point following these instructions: Access point as WIFI router/repeater with additional WIFI-dongle However, everything connects to the access point except my android devices (A Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and a Samsung Galaxy S5). A similar problem is presented in this question: ‘Android is not connecting to Pi’s wlan’ However, the answer given there does not apply to me since I have the file /etc/systemd/network/08-wlan0.network exactly as in the first link. (hence with DHCP server activated): [Match] Name=wlan0 [Network] Address= IPForward=yes DHCPServer=yes [DHCPServer] DNS= How can I fix it? Note: If this question is asked before please anyone provide me the link and request admin to remove this. As I have searched but couldn't find my answer. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello Guys This is Ayesha from Pakistan. I wanted to ask that who is chatting here in 2019. I guess these are very old post.
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