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  1. Correct, but the problem is that If I put the same code in my external css file it doesn’t work properly because the result I get is: xxxxx@hotmail.com > if I put the same code in my html file the result I get is ok: <xxxxx@hotmail.com>
  2. Hello, thank you for your answer, I've now tried the code on it's own and it works great, the result I get is: <xxxxx@hotmail.com >. However, I need the code in an external CSS file. Any suggestion?
  3. Hello! I need my CSS file to put a symbol "<" before an email, and a symbol ">" after an email. These emails in my html code are defined with "<a href="mailto:xxxxx@hotmail.com">xxxxx@hotmail.com</a> The result I am looking for is this one: < xxxxx@hotmail.com > I put this code in my CSS but it doesn't work properly: a[href^="mailto"]:link:before { content: " < " ; } a[href^="mailto"]:link:after { content: " > "; } The result I get is: xxxxx@hotmail.com > Please help! Thank you
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