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  1. Thank you, Ingolme. The answer you provided is precisely what I've been looking for, and will most definitely be of use to me.👍 Now, if I can do the same but have the "Top Row" of the border (Top Left corner, Top Middle and Top Right corner) be of a different height without stretching (as shown in my original post image, the "DLG HEADER BAR"), then it'll really make my day.👌 Have a great day. P.S. Your reply has also lead me to finding and downloading Firefox Developer Edition , which I'm exploring now. Border Image Demo.zip
  2. The CSS Image Sprites reference has definitely helped me to simplify some of the UI aspects of a new personal website I'm designing, as I'm able to combine several images into one for various stages of display such as Normal, Hover and Mouse Down. However, when it comes to the layout of some other UI elements, such as a modal "Dialog Box" that is opened when a button or link is clicked, I still have to use individual images to define the static or repeating images for the DIV backgrounds. I have attached two files that demonstrate what I'm trying to accomplish. The first file ("dzoml
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