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  1. @niche when I try to just echo row["StoryHeadline"], I also get an 'r' but when I run the query directly on the database, the text appears correctly.
  2. I have the following columns in a MySQL database table: StoryHeadline [varchar] StoryByline [varchar] StoryText [text] In the database, the text appears correctly. In a previous page, when I use row["StoryHeadline"] the output appears correctly. However, on my new page, where I'm using the ID from the previous page to pull just one specific row's data, I get the letter 'r' for output of all three of these fields. Here's the code: Setting the variables: $Headline = row["StoryHeadline"]; $ByLine = row["StoryByline"]; $StoryText = row["StoryText"]; Assembling the
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