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    SQL join query

    Running the below query returns the results i'm after for 1 record select D.VDN AS 'ParentUsage', p.id AS 'ParentIntPart', pr.VPRN AS 'ParentPartNo', s.vSC AS 'ParentSuffix', pr.vPD AS 'ParentPartDesc', pr.vPNMR AS 'ParentMajRev', pr.tPNMR AS 'ParentMinRev', from [dbo].[tblD] D join [dbo].[lnk_D_P] DP on DP.intDID = D.id join [dbo].[lnk_P_PA] PA on D.intPAID =PA.id join [dbo].[lkpSuffix] S on D.tPNSID = s.ID join [dbo].[tblP] P on P.id=DP.intPartID join [dbo].[tblPR] PR on P.id=PR.ID (select count (*) from [dbo].[tblD] where [iPID] =48926) as 'Childcount' where d.blnInActive =0 and d.varDocumentNumber='120USE03375' order by [ParentUsage] the problem i have is i need to Childcount column to run on all off the database and not just 1 records. i think it's a problem with my join but i'm not 100% sure i need the childcount to count all of the duplicates in ParentIntPart anyone able to advise?
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