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  1. Here is my code : <p:dataTable ... ... <p:columns value="#{syntheseManagerBean.listeColonneModele}"> <h:outputText value="#{ligne[colonne.valeur]}" style="background-color: #{ligne.type ne 'L' ? 'red' : 'transparent'}"/>
  2. Hello, I'm printing a primefaces datatable with the printer component. The table cells are printed correctly, but some have a red or blue background that does not print. Do you have a solution ? Thank you. I use PF 6.1.2
  3. I use JSF (2.2) and Primefaces (6.1.2) frameworks. In a page I display charts (chart.js) and I have to use window.onload for loading. The page is called by p: commandLink but window.onload does not work. Can you help me please ? Thank you. My code: <p:commandLink value="Espace standard" style="position: absolute; top: 455px; left: 700px" action="pageGraphiqueEspaceStandard.xhtml" actionListener="#{utilitaireManagerBean.initialiserPageCourante('graphiqueEspaceStandard')}"/> <script type="text/javascript"> window.onload = function () { drawChart('espaceStandardGraphique1', 'idCanvasGraphique1'); drawChart('espaceStandardGraphique2', 'idCanvasGraphique2') }; </script
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