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  1. Hello! I hope I am right here and somebody can help me. I run a website with pictures of plants, here is a link: http://flora.lefnaer.com/cgi-bin/photosearch.pl?action=SPECIES;name=Carex%20acutiformis As you can see there is a header (line 88ff in HTML source) with absolute position so it can be accesses always. In the header on the left side the is a search field (line 150): if for example "C" is entered you see a list of all species which names starts with "C". If the list reaches the bottom of the browser window it is possible to scroll down to access all entries. Additionally if you move the mouse over the loupe symbol (line 94) a list of all species of the currently selected genus appears so if is possible to easily switch between different species of the same genus. However this list is fixed and does not scroll. So if the list is exceeds the browser window there is currently no way to access the last entries. I tried several things but nothing worked. Has anybody an idea how I can make the "loupe list" scrollable as well? Best regards Stefan
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