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  1. Dear dsonesuk,

    The php function code by itself is no problem, but how to combine that with html, css and javascript. I have attached the slider code, with three lines of php code, which I have tried to run on the w3schools website in the 'how to' section, but without succes. Obviously, the php is ignored. Perhaps yo can provide a last hint!?

    By the way, can you tell how I can change my display name?

    Thanks - regards - Harry


  2. Thanks dsonesuk! In my php code snippet, indeed, I save the urls in a php array. The problem, however, is how to integrate this in de html code in for instance the examples given in the ‘how to’ html code of a slider. Maybe you can give me a piece of example code. Thanks in advance- regards - Harry

  3. I have looked at your manual and automatic slider ‘how to examples’, in which the img src paths are set for each media library image separately - with their absolute paths. I have written a php snippet in which the urls of a number of the most recent uploaded images are determined. I can’t find out how this snippet can be combined with the html (css and javascript) code. Could you please provide a suggestion how to tackle this, using the php code or another way of getting the most recent uploaded media library images in a slider, without the need to set the absolute paths individually.

    Thanks - Harry

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