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  1. I'd like to transfer the already created table into the grid css table format, so for example; the first item added to the table will transfer to the Promotional box, second the Seasonal box and so on; I've attempted to change the names around and integrate the table into the grid format however I've fluffed it every time @Funce
  2. Hi, so I've created a basic template for an online store and was wondering if someone could help me in converting my already made table into a CSS List div; I have the CSS List code that I'd like to use as well as the table code I already have however I've tried multiple times to shift the old table into the new div boxes however I can't seem to do it. To prevent confusion I've only attached the 2 html files, the csslist template which I created and the buying table which I'd like to replace. If somebody could help me make it so every added item from the local storage would fill 1 item i
  3. Oh sorry to make it more clear so if you don't want to you don't waste your time, I'm basically asking for assistance in making the database (if I need one) or the php(?) as I've been looking to make one for days but I can't find anything on indexeddb and I think I may be over-complicating things with it which is why I'm seeking help from people with experience and who aren't brain fried from having issues with the same problem. I thought I could use my indexeddb database which I got working for the buy/sell functions on my site however after trying to implement it, it met a catas
  4. Essentially the goal is to create a template for a sales website, I'm looking for more the basic side of things as I'm a beginner breaking into the scene of CSS, HTML and Javascript etc so I'd like to have my Login.html and Register.html files both access a client side storage system like indexddb which I have however is tied to the Buy/Sell functions of my site. Naturally you being considerably more wise regarding these things you'd bring up multiple registrations via 1 device however I really am just looking for the bog standard, anyone can make any amount of accounts so long as the informat
  5. Hi, I've been working on a website the past few weeks now as a project, I'm currently trying to figure out how to store information saved when filling the Registration form and being able to use said information in the Login form. I've been stuck for days with setting up a database as I'm currently trying to use indexeddb as I'd like to use client-side storage. Any assistance to help me create this would be heavenly as I've started to give up as to be quite honest with you, I'm awful at it and slow at learning I've attached the login.html and register.html files that I'd like to u
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