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  1. Hi AllMy current code is executing system commands through java programme,like “dir”,”date” itc.Whenever I run the code the desired output comes.But when I am running the code continuselly then lots of command prompt open regularlly.Is there any way to stop the code from execution untill unless the command prompt get closed manually?Here is my code.import java.io.BufferedReader;import java.io.InputStreamReader;import java.io.IOException;interface IPerlService{ public String BZMCreateZone(String s); public int BZMRenew();}public class Sample { public void BZMCreateZone() { Runtime runtime;
  2. Hi allIs there any way without using any IDE and "System.out.println" command,to debug a java programme by using command prompt.I have heard about "Java Debug Level" in jdk,anybody can help me,that how can I set the Debug level?
  3. Hey AllMe getting a frustating problem while making the webservice using Eclipse, jdk1.6.0_03,and Tomcat-5.0.The overall scenario is like this.There is a class “WsEpp” of which I have to make webservice.”WsEpp” class is using the object of another class “EppService”, and if certain conditions will be fullfill then “EppService” class will use the object of another class “PrintClass”,which is allready using the object of class “PrintLib”.“PrintLib” class is a long file and its using many classes which are in supported jar files.Here is the some part of “PrintLib” where I am facing the problem,
  4. I have developed a webservice without using any IDE.When I am going to deploy that in the Tomcat web server,the running status is given "false".How can I change this status from "false" to "true".Because of this I am unable to run my .wsdl file.kindally suggest me the answe.Thx
  5. Hi All,Me facing a problem related to java web services.I am using jdk-6u3,Eclipse and Tomcat 5.0.I am making the web service of WsEpp Class shown below@WebService public class WsEpp { EppService objcls; @WebMethod public int registerDomain(String ACTIVITY_ID,String DOMAIN_NAME,String DOMHOSTNAME1,String DOMSERVER_IP_ADDRESS1,String DOMHOSTNAME2,String DOMSERVER_IP_ADDRESS2,String DOM_MX ,String DOM_MX_IP,String DOM_REGISTRAR,String DOM_RCONTACTID,String DOM_ACONTACTID,String DOM_BCONTACTID,String DOM_TCONTACTID,String DOM_AUTHCODE,String DOM_CURRENT_REGISTRAR,String
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