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  1. Thanks, all. I've tried the other suggestions, and it appears nothing else is working. I've brought it into Dreameaver, and I am able to link the thumbnail in pure HTML there, but the same code does not work when I'm back in the hosted site. So I suspect that it's the CSS controlling the page and unfortunately I don't have access to that. This has been an educational attempt for me, nonetheless, so far from a total loss and I certainly appreciate the suggestions. So thank you to dsonesuk, Ingolme, and Funce!
  2. That's intriguing. It's a hosted site that I'm just using HTML to configure, but I could inquire with the host about the CSS. My concern is that, since it's a broadly used platform, they may have no interest in making an edit to their CSS just for little old me. I wonder, then, if there's a way to accomplish what I'm after purely in HTML, thus avoiding their CSS net. Hmmm... Well thank you, and have a GREAT weekend.
  3. <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-3"> <div class="calcite-web"> <div class="card-base"> <div class="card-image-wrap"> <a href="https://gis.franklincountyva.gov/compviewer/index.html"> <img class="card-image" src="https://franklincova.maps.arcgis.com/sharing/rest/content/items/a6e74f639ac34dd48e3bc6d9ee390d0a/data" alt="Public GIS Viewer"> </a> </div> <div class="card-content"> <h4>Comprehensive Parcel Search</h4> <p style="min-height: 50px">This is a more comprehensive viewer for industry professionals that has more layers and more tools for those who work with land and real estate. </p> <div aria-label="actions" class="btn-group btn-group-justified" role="group"> <a class="btn btn-primary" target="_blank" href="https://gis.franklincountyva.gov/compviewer/index.html">Access GIS Viewer</a> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> So, the up-shot here is that I'm trying to link the gallery cards' thumbnail images to the same URLs as their buttons (as seen in the attached image). I tried to wrap the <img> tag above in <a href> tag, but it did not work in any of the multiple ways I tried it (the last attempt preserved above), so I'm sure I'm missing something. Just an FYI, the code block above is for the "Comprehensive Parcel Search" tool displayed in the image below. The other gallery items, however, are all handled the same way, so what's sauce for the goose, should be sauce for the gander. From user feedback on our site, folks have expressed a frustration that the thumbnails are not linked, so I'm just trying to accommodate what is apparently a more intuitive workflow for our users. I sincerely thank y'all for any assistance you can offer.
  4. Hello, all. I'm a GIS guy who has to wander into the dev world periodically. I usually don't stray far from the known, but when I do it'll be nice to have this community around.
  5. Thanks for the formatting tip...I have everything to learn on here, so I'm grateful. I tried wrapping the existing tag in an <a> tag, but it didn't work. I may well have bungled it, though, so I'm happy to try again if you feel it would be worth another try. I would be curious where the best place to align the <a> and </a> tags would be. I might have just misplaced those. Thanks!
  6. [My first post, and I'm obviously not a developer, so please be gentle] I'd like to make the image called in the <img class> tag below into a hyperlink. I know how to make an image a link with the <a href> tag, but I'm locked into this structure as I'm configuring an existing set-up and that's how they have it. The answer is probably something simple, but it's something I've never done and don't seem to be asking or phrasing the right questions in Google/Bing to find a working sample. <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-3"> <div class="calcite-web"> <div class="card-base"> <div class="card-image-wrap"> <img class="card-image" src="https://image_url" alt="name"> </div> <div class="card-content"> <h4>Title</h4> <p style="min-height: 50px">Description. </p> <div aria-label="actions" class="btn-group btn-group-justified" role="group"> <a class="btn btn-primary" target="_blank" href="https:resource_url">Button Text</a> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> I don't have access to CSS or anything in the environment I'm in, so I'm going to have to handle it with HTML. Thank you!
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