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  1. The Following code is from one of my PHP forms. everything works up until what i have highlighted in orange. i have double checked my server variables and i am not getting any error codes, the data from my forms simply is not being passed to the associated database fields. <html> <body> <link href="../css/PHP-BG.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> <h1>Thank you for your submission</h1> <?php //telling the time of day greeting $time = date("H"); if ($time < "10") { echo "<h2>Good Morning Champion!</h2>" . "<
  2. I finally got the PHP page to be responsive as i need it to be. the last issue im having is my form is not passing data to my database tables. i have the database set up and running, all the fields are set up as they should be and i do not get any errors when trying to submit data. it just doesn't show up
  3. im running the code from my webpage. so my local machine is the webserver? i guess im not sure
  4. This is the start of my php page code <html> <body> <h1>Thank you for your submission</h1> <?php //form data entry $gamertag = $_POST['gamertag']; $lname = $_POST['lastname']; $fname = $_POST['firstname']; $email = $_POST['email']; //end form data entry // echo statement to print form entry results echo $gamertag; echo "<br>"; echo "$fname $lname"; echo "<br>"; echo $email; echo "<br>"; ?>
  5. when attempting to execute a form in HTML the resulting php page only echos the code instead of executing it. Any help is greatly appreciated <div class="form-popup" id="myForm"> <form action="../php/mtg2.php" class="form-container" target="_blank" id="MTG-form" > <h1>Give Us Your MTG Card Details</h1> <p><label for="cardname"><b>Card Name:</b></label> <input name="cardname" type="text" required placeholder="Archangel Of Thune"
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