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  1. Is there a way to edit old post and correct mistakes? I'm kinda not being able to find it - help?
  2. Hello there all, I'm a Protestant Christian - I'm trying to create my own place as I'm getting tired of being censored on near to every platform. It would have been more wise from the beginning to make a website but... Well, I ended up on facebook many years ago. I'm really just a Newbie in the area of HTML, CSS and Java - although I did do some education on it which I was thrown out because of neglect of there 7 years ago or so. Have not really toyed much around with anything for those 7 years. So here I am again, trying to make something usable and I remembered the w3shools site being very helpful - the only thing I really had from my past education on website was my notes. And one of my favorite sites was w3schools, sterile, helpful and pretty much just awesome. So here I am again I tried installing Wordpress but, I seem to be running into new issues - and updates, slow and not a theme I like in sight. Over bloated and well, I'll try to give this a chance and see if I can get something up. I like sterile design, hate ads and other popup bull and over bloating. So I'm working on a website now called https://JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life - having been helped by W3Schools.com on many levels, slowly moving forward. I've bought the big package https://www.webdesign-flash.ro as I was looking for a Video and Music Player, although I might not have done that had I known the further support costed a lot more then just buying the 2 applications I wanted. Lots of issues with that - although the Players did seems to have what I was looking compared to the rest. I was banned from youtube for Hate speech which made me look into other options. I was not even given a single strike from Google Youutube so I could have saved some of my better material before they wiped me out. They just closed the door on me. It's my own fault of cause beginning to use these platforms in the first place. So here I am I guess, when Protestant truth is not popular anymore - well, I guess truth overall is attacked on so many levels and the world heading for more wickedness every single day. Seeing how the platforms helped that 8 months ago or so - where so many was deplatformed, and overall listening to whistle blowers from many platforms and of cause the experience you get from seeing the lunacy and solarcy.... Well..... Anyway - more then welcome to check my website out - most likely far from done, at least for the moment. I just tied 4 things together, although I have much more testing to do on that. The Menu, sticky, the Java Include plugin and my bought Video player. I just need my video player as well, and then move on from there Again, I'm a newbie and things are going really slow but it is moving forward. https://JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life May Jehovah be with thee, Jayshua a most Precious Pearl and there Spirit of Truth in us all - Amayn. DarkiJah
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