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  1. I just did an experiment. I saw somewhere on one of the W3.CSS pages that you could download the css file and run it locally. I examined the file and saw at the top two statements with html definitions. The first one included box-sizing:border-box. When I looked up the box-sizing property, the default was content-box, as you stated. I commented out the two html statements and then added a link to that local file before the link to my css file. Amazingly my left, center, and right div blocks displayed as expected again. I did have to add "line-height: normal" to my p, th, td, and a few other styles to eliminate the unwanted extra line height that was coming from the W3.css file. With those problems fixed, I was able to re-implement the w3-tooltip element and create popup panels whose size and position could be individually controlled within a <span style=" "> tag block. It is counterproductive for W3schools to offer a css framework that requires the user to waste so much time figuring out workarounds for unwanted behaviors. it spoils one's enthusiasm for the whole thing.
  2. I did move the link to my css file below the link to W3.css and the problem persisted. I don't understand the difference between a border-box and a content-box but I agree with your sentiment. There are so many useful and interesting W3.css classes but I can't use them if they distort basic element behaviors n unexpected ways. Has anyone else noticed this problem?
  3. I was looking for a more flexible way of creating popup tooltips when I came upon the W3.CSS framework. It Unfortunately, it seems to mess with my own css styles. For example, as soon as I added this link tag to the file head section, <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/4/w3.css"> all the paragraph elements increased in line height. Also, I use div blocks for left, center, and right columns. W3.CSS narrowed the div blocks by about 10-20 pixels, pushing the whole page to the left. My div blocks use float: left and different width values to build the columns. Can someone tells me why W3.CSS is overriding my css settings?
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