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    hi I have a MySQL database with names - when you send a Query with fx Johnson a list is send back with all Johnsons every Johnson on the list have a blue dot and clicking on one of them creates a popup-window containing the rest of the information on that Johnson - that popup-window is on top of everything in the browser-window Now if you click on another blue dot on the same list the popup-window disapear and can be found behind all windows in the browser showing the "new" info How do I get the popup-window to stay on top - and how can I make it to show a new popup-window so I can have 2 or 3 popupwindows here is what my blue dot do <?php header('Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8'); /* HURRA DET VIRKER ! denne linie indsat allerførst :-) */ $connection=mysql_connect("192.nnn.n.nnn","xxxxx","xxxxxxxxxxx"); if (!$connection) {echo "Ingen forbindelse til min MySQL server!"; exit;} $db=mysql_select_db("nogn",$connection); mysql_set_charset('utf8'); /* HURRA - og denne linie efter "select connection" :-) */ if (!$db) { echo "Ingen forbindelse til min database"; exit;} if ($_GET['Ident']) { $id = $_GET['Ident']; $hent = mysql_query("SELECT Noter, Fornavn, Efternavn, Skiftedato FROM Valloe WHERE Ident='$id'"); $vis = mysql_fetch_array($hent); $hFornavn = $vis['Fornavn']; $hSkiftedato=$vis['Skiftedato']; $hEfternavn = $vis['Efternavn']; $hNoter = $vis['Noter']; echo "<b>mine notater fra skiftet efter $hFornavn $hEfternavn d. $hSkiftedato:</b><br>"; echo $hNoter; } else { echo "Noter ikke fundet eller ingen Noter"; } ?> Erik, Denmark
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