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  1. The software that's parsing the info from the link is written in LabVIEW, which I can neither see nor am I familiar enough with it to say what's occurring. I know the page address is hardcoded into the software request, it sees that the page has been moved with a redirect, but it can't gather any more info from the page beyond that. When the code is changed to request from the new address it has no problem parsing the info it needs. With the redirect it displays nadda but gives no error.
  2. Ah yes, but the mod-rewrite would also be a form of redirect, am I correct? I spoke with a back-end developer who said this was possible within the GoDaddy files, however, if the software isn't recognizing the redirect it won't be able to parse the mod either.
  3. They had directed me to the custom CSS page and their forum (no one has responded) and gave me zero information beyond that. The plan this is on doesn't cover Javascript either. If you're aware of other ways this can be done on a platform, I'm open to suggestions. At this point I've talked to so many people I'm not sure this is possible without having the entire site redone elsewhere.
  4. Does anyone know if it's possible to force a specific url onto a single page in squarespace without using a dev site, javascript, or hiring someone to do it? If so, what is this called so I can find more information? SQSP doesn't allow for the slug characters needed. Have a strange situation where a single web needs to match an old address exactly. Redirect doesn't work for this. I was told by Squarespace support that this was possible with CSS. The refused to give me any more information.
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