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  1. Hey Guys, I'm an a complete noob if it comes to programming. For my own store I am programming my own productcatalog because i don't like to work with Wordpress... To get data from my database I used this code (just a snipped, i opened a connection in the previous code from the document) : <?php $resultSet = $conn->query("SELECT ID, naam, groepID FROM subgroep INNER JOIN groep ON subgroep.groepID=groep.ID"); if($resultSet->num_rows != 0){ while($rows = $resultSet->fetch_assoc()){ $subgroep = $rows['naam']; echo "<option value='$subgroep'>$subgroep</option>"; } }else{ echo "No results"; } ?> The databases I use are named: 'groep' (ID, naam, afbeelding) and 'subgroep' (ID, naam, groepID, afbeelding). So I geuss it's quite a stupid mistake I made. But can someone please explane to me how it's done properly? Grtz, Saskia
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