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  1. Super, thanks for the information :) Have a nice day
  2. Dear, I would like to put an image in a <ol> list. But the w3c validator say that we cannot put an image as a child. How i can do ? i try with figure but no way :/ This not a screening issue, it's just for the validation Thanks in advance, Error: Element img not allowed as child of element ol in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.) From line 60, column 3; to line 60, column 104 >.</li>↩ <img class="ombre" src="http://www.actunet.org/astuces/win10/images/44-2.jpg" alt="Syst&egrave;me" />↩ <ol> <li>Allez dans le mneu <b>D&eacute;marrer</b>.</li> <li>Cliquez sur la roue crant&eacute;e <b>Param&egrave;tres</b>.</li> <figure> <img src="http://www.actunet.org/astuces/win10/images/44-1.jpg" alt="D&eacute;marrer et param&egrave;tres" > <figcaption>Fig.1 - Parametres</figcaption> </figure> <li>dans <i>Param&egrave;tres</i>, cliquez sur <b>Syst&egrave;me</b>.</li> <img class="ombre" src="http://www.actunet.org/astuces/win10/images/44-2.jpg" alt="Syst&egrave;me" /> <p>Vous souhaitez le th&egrave;me sombre ? <a href="http://www.actunet.org/astuces/win10/42-activerthemesombre.php" target=_blank>cliquez ici.</a> <li>Dans le menu de gauche, cliquez sur <b>Notifications et actions</b>.</li> <img class="ombre" src="http://www.actunet.org/astuces/win10/images/44-3.jpg" alt="Notifications & actions" /> <li>D&eacute;cochez la case : <b>Afficher les notifications dans l'&eacute;cran de v&eacute;rrouillage</b>.</li> <img class="ombre" src="http://www.actunet.org/astuces/win10/images/44-4.jpg" alt="Decocher les notifications" /> <p>Les notifications seront &agrave; partir de maintenant masqu&eacute;e lors que l'&eacute;cran de verrouillage sera activ&eacute;.</p> </ol>
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