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  1. Hi, Apologies if this is posted in the wrong topic area. I have just observed the weirdest behaviour of Ad Blocker Plus (ABP) when used on w3Schools.com. For reference I'm using Google Chrome browser on a Windows PC. By default, ABP is on, and I've never had w3Schools prompt me to turn it off to get better service. But, after noticing the behaviour I just saw, I turned it off and counted about six advertisements on the page, which is absolutely fine, and I can live with that, so ABP is OFF for w3schools.com content. HOWEVER: With ABP turned ON, on some pages the count o
  2. WHOOPS! This should have been a reply to "Introduce Yourself"
  3. Hi, I'm Will. I've used w3Schools for years and I love it. Web development is only a hobby for me, since I am retired (early) because of disability. I recently got interested in developing PWAs to go on ESP8266 devices with wifi. I use multicast DNS to give the device a simple name, and access it on my home network. Kind of an alternative to the Internet of Things, (which I don't trust). Right now I'm working on a device to control my coloured LED light strips in my lounge room which goes far beyond the capabilities of the control the strips came with. It occurs to me it could be
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