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  1. Hi w3schools, I'm not familiar with the forum's structure. So, I've put my request into the suggestions forum. I think you ruined the Reference; you deleted a major portion of the site. Please put it back. Here's what I suggest replacing: 'Supported' in 'Not Supported in HTML5.', with <a class="red" hRef="relevant.HTML.4.page.htm">Supported</a> to give us archaic HTML users the old HTML4 syntax including the <!docType>s. I personally use the Frames <!docType> for an overlay to the webpages I use; 300.* index left, pages right. Sure the search engines can't read it, but who cares, they read the original page content. It's gotta on;y be a few tags, right? Please bring back HTML 4 syntax within the HTML 5 pages; PLEASE.
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