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  1. Hi! So I am new to coding and I am just trying to make a small project for myself. All it is a button that when you press it, it plays randomly one of three sounds. Something is going wrong though and I can't figure out what, anyone know? <!doctype <!DOCTYPE html> <link rel="stylesheet" href="C:\Users\Owner\Google Drive\Code\Experiments\HTML-CSS-JAVASCRIPT\Random Sound\Code\Random Sounds.css"> <h1> Random Sounds </h1> <button id="press"> Press me! </button> <script> var num = 0 function pressed() {
  2. Hi all, I am fairly new to HTML/CSS and I am trying to make a quantity converter for food recipes as just a little challenge for myself. I think I have got most of the code down (I have created the basic function of the code, and got all the <input> and css write... I think) , but I am now stuck. At the moment in the they can only use one ingredient (or how many <inputs> I have put in there) but what I want to do is add a button which basically adds more inputs, so that they can add as many ingredients as they need. How do I do this? (I have added what I have done belo
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