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  1. Thanks for all your help, yes i am new to this and learning, but this is for my office, it is a message how we changed our policy in this corona time. if you see my text above the script and the text of my button, my boss would like to change that it pop ups once a week. could you put the whole script here so i can copy paste it so that it works here, i am learning and learning, but this is still to difficult for me to understand, doing an online training but i am still a newbie, you would be of great help if you put the right message for me complete. Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you, i am really new to it so it now looks like this, do you agree ? <div class="demomelding" style="display: none"> <h5>Beste Klant,</h5> <p>De maatregelen rondom de bestrijding van het Covid-19 virus treffen ook de dienstverlening van Hexis.<br /><br />Wij zijn open, met de volgende aanpassingen: <br /><br />- Voorkom wachttijden. Bestel vooraf via webshop, mail of telefoon. <br />- Bestellingen kun je tussen 9 en 17 u afhalen. Kom alleen. <br />- We laten max. 3 personen tegelijk binnen. <br />- Hou je a
  3. Thanks for your answer, were in my code can i put these lines? or what do i have to replace?
  4. Hi all, i am struggling with a javascript setting. In this Corona period i want to inform my site visitors about what changed in our company (For instance when to visit us again) and i want to give that pop-up in a weekly base, with the code i have put under this text the popup checks daily and pop-up daily, how can i set the text to pop-up in a weekly base. Is someone able to help please? My text and code are based like this; <div class="demomelding" style="display: none"> <h5>Beste Klant,</h5> <p>De maatregelen rondom de bestrijd
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