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  1. I think it's because you aren't very good at English yet. Honestly I'm learning HTML on this website and so far its doing a very good job, I'm having no problems. I did have a problem on the part where you learn about image maps, it didn't really explain it very well how to do it, so I watched a youtube video on image maps and I instantly understood how, honestly if there is something you dont understand go and watch a youtube video on it. I think its just your level of knowledge of English is really bad. Reading your post I cant really even understand what your are trying to say thats how bad your English is, sorry bro.
  2. Look one picture if from Ubuntu 20.04 and the other is from Windows. The highlights around the answer boxes in the exercises are missing in Ubuntu, it doesn't matter what web browser you use in Ubuntu they aren't there! But they're there in Windows, I checked on my smartphone and they're there. Honestly I need those highlights they really do make it more convenient, I can't use Ubuntu now because that really starts to get ing annoying when I'm putting in hours at the computer learning to code. Please fix this?
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