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  1. Hello I would like to know how to remove the button backgound hover color when the mouse is in the w3-dropdown-content. <div class="w3-bar w3-light-grey"> <a href="#" class="w3-bar-item w3-button">Home</a> <a href="#" class="w3-bar-item w3-button">Link 1</a> <div class="w3-dropdown-hover"> <button class="w3-button">Dropdown</button> <div class="w3-dropdown-content w3-bar-block w3-card-4"> <a href="#" class="w3-bar-item w3-button">Link 1</a> <a href="#" class="w3-bar-item w3-button">Link 2
  2. Hello Now the drop down content is aligned on the left of the button. I would like o know how to do align it on right because when button is on right of the screen, the dropdown content is out of the screen on right... thx
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