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  1. and what if I wanted the text to move from one point to another using a motion tween as well?
  2. I have linked text loading from a external .txt file into a MovieClip, I want it to fade in on my page, but it doesn't seem to work doing it inside my MovieClip. Without the tween it shows up perfectly but as soon as I apply the tween it doesnt show up any more...Any ideas why it's not working?
  3. Nope, didn't seem to work...Any other ideas?
  4. Could you show me an example please?
  5. Hi guys,ok so I have two layers accompanied by frame labels, layer#1(frame label) has the main_mc in it, layer#2(frame label) has an intro_mc. I want when intro_mc is finished playing to jump to a specific frame inside main_mc.I used this code in the last frame of intro_mc: _root.gotoAndStop ("layer#1", 84) it worked but it played the whole main_mc, but I want it to go to frame number 84 within main_mcany advice?
  6. Im doing a website for a Graphic Design studio, they want to be able to edit the content like the porti etc at a later stage, so Im guessing CMS...? They are gonna get someone else to do the CMS, but is there a good way of desiging when desiging for CMS, I read somewhere that one should not embed elements like text etc, Im guessing it should be linked, any other advice like this?
  7. Well, doesnt that just ######...!See, the reason Im using .swf buttons is because Im using niftycube to round my corners, and the swf's works perfectly with niftycube. I tried using rollover image buttons, but I think the niftycube Java and rollover Java isnt compatible so it cancels out the rounded corners... I dont know anything about Java so I dont know how to make it compatible...
  8. Hey guys, Ive used .swf buttons embedded in my html, just simple rollovers, works perfectly in firefox, but in IE one have to click on the button before the rollover activates... how strange?any ideas why this is happening?
  9. Hi guys, I was reading through some articles on the web about catering for different screen resolutions when designing a site, Im currently designing for 1027 x 768, but on the article they said fixing the res sucks for smaller screens cause the browser would have to scroll horizontally the whole time... They did mention working with percentages vs. px dimensions. Would anyone recommend this or should I stick to a fixed ratio like 1027 x 768. And if I should use percentages - how should I declare it in my body tag and throughout my code?Thanks guys!
  10. Ok, so how would one make it dissapear at the end?
  11. hi guys, Im trying to do a tween that runs off the browsers screen, now Im worried that with my size which Im working according to(1027 x 768) will be too small and the tween will just kinda stop in a random place if the users screen is bigger than my specification - if Im right there is some kind of code that will be able to do this?
  12. Oh, ok, so basically I would have a sort of "intro" page for each animation seperate to the "actual" page?That makes sense!I'll try that!Thanks
  13. Hi guys, was wonderin if there is any way possible of having my flash animation load before my HTML content and then when the animation is done, loads the HTML content?Thanks guys
  14. Hi guysIm having a bit of a problem - ive made a simple movie clip that is basically a shape tween. My idea was to have this movieclip activate on the down state of a button. It actually does activate when you hold down the mouse, but when I release, the movie stops dead. I want the movie to carry on playing even though the person has released the button. Any help would be great!Thanks guys
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