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  1. Hello, I'm having issues trying to set up custom input number arrows, I'm currently learning JavaScript so I'm not really sure what I'm missing, here is my code. HTML <div class="orden"> <label for="pase por dia">Boletos deseados: </label> <div class="caja_ticket"> <input type="number" min="0" id="test" size="3" placeholder="0" class="ticket"> <div class="botones_ticket"> <input type="button" id="pase_dia_mas" value="+"> <input type="button" id="pase_dia_menos" value="-"> </div> </div> </div> JavaScript I have 3 input with the id = test so to save some code I decided to use a querySelectorAll('#test') to get an array of them, and then when I click the button I want to call the function "mas1" var test = document.querySelectorAll('#test'); var paseDiaMas = document.querySelector('#pase_dia_mas'); paseDiaMas.addEventListener('click', mas1(event, 0)); function mas1(event, e) { event.preventDefault(); let test_value = e; test[test_value].stepUp(1); console.log('it works'); } however when I try to pass the values it doesn't works, if I remove the variables "test_value" and "e" and add a fixed value like "test[0]" it works: I also wonder why when I remove the event.preventDefault() function it runs once when I open the page even if I don't click at the button.
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