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  1. JMRKER, that worked. Thank you very much.
  2. Thank you for the attempt, but this does not do what I need. I need the link today to point to today's strip. Tomorrow the link will point to tomorrow's strip. Each day the link would point to the strip for that day. Not a list of dates to choose from, but the strip for today's date.
  3. OK, here it is. And yes, it is a comics page. https://www.gocomics.com/peanuts/2020/06/30 I need to know how to insert elements of today's date in the URL, so each day when we click on the link, it takes you to today's comic.
  4. I am creating a web page with links to the sites in question. The web page is a stand alone page, not part of a web server. It is on a network share.
  5. My first time posting. I hope this is the correct forum. I need to create links to daily articles on certain web sites. On some sites, the URL for the article that day contains the date. So the article for today would be www.site.com/June/25. How do I write code to put elements of today's date in the link?
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