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  1. Hi all, l'm a Newbie here I would like to create a page, which after user logged in, they was able to update number of chanting daily with number input. User may insert number and click submit button to update its. After updated, below the submit button, to show up the total number of their total chanting number, and total of all users chanting numbers. Lastly is the history of users update in table view which showing username, date of update, number of updates. Can I have the solution or any related article or site which i can referring to... Thanks all.
  2. Hi all, I'm newbie here. I would like to create a number input field for logged in user to update their daily number of chanting. There will be a number input field, update button, total number of chanting (updated number will sum total automatically) and last is total number of chanting for all users. I was no idea to get the solution on the function, so I was here to ask for proS to help me on this
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