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  1. dsonesuk my problem on the imput carmodel , I am not able with JavaScript
  2. Excuse me , dsonesuk, but I don't understand how solve my problem
  3. Thank you fot your reply,. I am sorry for the confusion. Excuse by bad English. Yes I use PHP and I wish that the previous selections remines displayed on the form after pressed submit, I need to show to the user which kind of 1st and 2nd selections he has done before, of course in te same session. For the 1st selection it was easy to to this, but for 2 nd I have not find a solution. I hope to be more clear now. Thank you very much.
  4. Hi, nobody has replied, maybe I have not been clear about what I need. for this input I have not problem, I resolve like this <select id="car" onchange="ChangeCarList()"> <option value="">-- Car --</option> <option value="VO" <?php if($car == 'VO') {echo 'selected="selected"';}?>>Volvo</option> <option value="VW" <?php if($car == 'VW') {echo 'selected="selected"';}?>>Volkswagen</option> <option value="BMW" <?php if($car == 'BMW') {echo 'selected="selected"';}?>>BMW</option> </select>
  5. Hi ! Please . I need to keep selected value in dropdown after submit, How I ca do it? Thanks in advance. <form name="passa" id="passa" > <select id="car" onchange="ChangeCarList()"> <option value="">-- Car --</option> <option value="VO">Volvo</option> <option value="VW">Volkswagen</option> <option value="BMW">BMW</option> </select> <select id="carmodel"></select> <script> var carsAndModels = {}; carsAndModels['VO'] = ['V70', 'XC60', 'XC90']; carsAndModels['VW'] = ['
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