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  1. Hi and thank you.

    I edit it with CorelPhoto and its vertical. Preview with WinExplorer shows it vertical. Same with MS Paint and MS Picture Manager.
    You mention a CSS issue: no rotation property found.

    It's a page I made some years ago and I remember earlier versions of Firefox showed it vertical.
    Did you try with different browsers?

  2. Hi!

    I have the following style:

        background: url(sfondo_05.jpg) no-repeat fixed top;
        color: #FFB340;
        font: 17px "Comic Sans MS";
        background-size: cover;
    Image link: www.gemmamessori.it/sfondo_05.jpg
    Original is vertical but it's shown:
    - horizontal in Firefox and Brave
    - vertical (correct) in Safari, IE7 and Edge

    Any idea?


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