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  1. Thanks for such a comprehensive answer! Now it is clearer for me. It's just that seems like building PWAs is becoming a trend now which you shouldn't miss out on (I guess it's some kind of technical FOMO šŸ˜„).
  2. Hi guys Iā€™m seeing more and more blog posts on PWAs advantages over such a familiar thing as native apps. Some of them are even backed up by compelling stats: https://love2dev.com/pwa/progressive-web-app-vs-native/ https://www.codica.com/blog/progressive-web-apps-vs-native/ https://pixelplex.io/blog/native-app-vs-web-app/ But I was wondering if your attitude towards PWA is as positive?
  3. Hey, Nice idea. Though design looks a bit outdated. Icon for a trash can should be more obvious, plus usually when you point to any element (button/icon) there's usually text that pops up like "edit", "delete". It took me a few seconds to realize that the trapeze is a trash can. Though everything should be clear at once - good for user experience.
  4. Hey, Colors you've chosen look fresh, CTAs are clear, so I don't have many comments. Agree on the buttons that should show that they are responsive when you click on them. Plus seems like more space is needed between register/log in buttons in the header and social media icons in the footer.
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