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  1. But that's exactly the point, Let's say that we are at the airport and one element of price (let's name him the ambassador) is present, I want every element named APOPRICE (the security guards) to react. Same if more ambassadors are present, so the guards know what to do. They should not be called when the price isn't there. The price tag is created in another script, but that isn't made by me, and is dependant for people being logged-in or not. I can't make changes to that. Basic: IF (element classname 'price' exists) THEN (change th
  2. Hi, guess I'll introduce myself as well: I'm Jurgen, from Belgium. I'm actually by skill a strength and conditioning coach (which I do as a side-hustle), and always have mostly worked lower management and sales jobs, but through sheer circumstances am now also working on websites. However I'm still a very big amateur, so expect frequent questions about sometimes very basics things hahahahahah.
  3. Thank you! Great to be here. Can you say what you mean with the ID's have to be unique? How can I solve this? Your suspicion is very correct btw. An example of the full implementation is one like this: Thanks!
  4. My script only changes the first element it finds on the page and then stops, why is this? I made this script because I don't want certain info to be displayed if certain server-sided info isn't displayed, but I don't have access to the serverside because.. I don't know, it's job-related. What am I doing wrong? The script is supposed to change all elements with ID "apoPrice" if one element of class "price" is avaible. But it only seems to change the first... function CheckApoPriceDisplay() { var bddo = document.getElementsByClassName("p
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