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  1. Guys i really need your opinion, because i'm not good with sql and would like to avoid it
  2. Hey guys, i've got a webpage which is password safe by htaccess, but i want to change a few things and i'd like to hear your opinions of how i should execute it at the end. What i've got is: you enter the webpage then you have 1 account to login with via htaccess and then you're on the webpage. What i want is: Something more safe than htaccess. That i can add more users with where i can see when they were last online etc. And idk if htaccess is bruteforce safe but i also need that. My plan was to create a landing page with a login mask connected to an sql database, where al
  3. Hey guys, i've got a problem with this "How to - css/js Modal" https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_modals.asp It shows how to create a modal pop up but only for one modal pop up. Can someone tell me please what i have to change to enable more pop up modals? Thank you very much :)
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