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  1. <?php class Cpanel { static public function action($params = array()){ $cpuser = (isset($params['cpuser'])) ? $params['cpuser'] : '';//cpanel username $cppass = (isset($params['cppass'])) ? $params['cppass'] : '';//cpanel password $cpdomain = (isset($params['cpdomain'])) ? $params['cpdomain'] : '';//cpanel domain address (domain.com) $cpskin = (isset($params['cpskin'])) ? $params['cpskin'] : 'x3';//cpanel theme $emailname = (isset($params['emailname'])) ? $params[
  2. I want to do like google and hotmail although I must go through a cpanel if you know i really need to know how to override cpanel for my clients
  3. not to send to create emails with php
  4. I am using the cPanel to create emails but I would like to create emails via an html page and connect it to my cPanel or on the server's smtp connection. To help my clients to create their email directly on a web page
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