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  1. It has always been a dream of mine to offer an Internet forum. In fact, see my preliminary attempt here: http://jfknumbers-forum.org/forums/ I am a 1-person Not-for-Profit, Free Open Source operation. The phpBB software forum is free, the only price I can afford. Their support is simply some of the worst I have seen. TIA, -Ramon F. Herrera JFK Numbers
  2. Newbie alert... I am an experienced Un*x sysadmin and programmer. However, JavaScript and its huge ecosystem can be overwhelming. My main target now is Node.js. I have been locating, downloading and installing a lot of packages: npm install this npm install that npm install the-other npm install one-more The input is always whole directories. I just found out that jQuery is very important, so I decided to install it. The problem is that in the official site they offer one single file. It is ASCII with the extension *.js https://jquery.com/download/ That doesn't feel right. A rather large system, contained in one text file? TIA, -Ramon F. Herrera JFK Numbers
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