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  1. <!DOCTYPE html > <HTML> <head> <Title>F.A.Q</title><Bodystyle="Background color:Blue"> </head> <hr> <h1>FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS</h1> <p><fonts face="luccida console" color="Yellow">MOST OF QUESTIONS CUSTOMERS ASKED</font><br> <ol> <h2><li>what drugs makes an hen egg more bigger and stronger;</h2></li> <ul> <li>Using of egg booster.</li> <li>Fortified with Vitamin D-3 - Improved egg nutrition.</li> <li>Formulated with yeast - Supports overall bird health.</li> <li>Includes probiotics - Promotes good gut health.</li> <li> Contains a natural extract to help enhance yolk color.</li> </ul></p> <h3><li>What feeds makes a male hen to grow more bigger and stronger;</h3></li> <ul> <li>For boilers they can be given either finisher or growers feeds, but it is adviseable to use finisher for bigness and fatness</li> </ol></ul> <p><center><font face="Algerian" size=7 color="lightgreen">JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER</fonts></center></p> <font face="Algerian" size=5>No spam, no pushy marketing material.Just news, updates, upcoming events and ongoings here at Sango ota header quarters. Tel:09022611666</font></body> </HTML>pls the background color isn't working wat should i do
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